We provide professional development and networking opportunities for Japanese teachers.



CAJLE holds an annual conference with research presentation sessions, professional development sessions with special guest speakers, special lecture sessions, poster display sessions, and a general meeting. The conference takes place over a few days each year during which participants exchange information and opinions on Japanese language education.



The National Japanese Speech Contest (Canada) was established in 1989 under the auspices of the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa in order to promote the Japanese language education in Canada. NJSC has been sponsored by the Japan Foundation and held at a different location across Canada annually. Consulates General of Japan, universities and corporations have provided various support and assistance in making this event a very successful and important event to the Japanese community. The NJSC is now co-hosted by the National Japanese Speech Contest Organizing Committee and CAJLE.


CAJLEでは、2009年より、トロント地域において「日本語学習を継続する」と称するシリーズのワークショップや講演会などをThe Japan Foundation Torontoと協力して行っています。

また、オンタリオ部会・アトランティック部会に代わり、2014年より特に地域を限定せずにカナダ全土における活発な活動を目指す「CAJLE 地域研修会支援金」を設けています。これは会員による地域の日本語教育活性化につながる活動を支援するための助成金です。地域のニーズに応じた教師研修や、教師間のネットワーク作り促進のための事業を会員自ら企画し実施することを支援します。企画の実施まで、近隣のCAJLE理事が連絡役・相談役を務めます。

Cooperating with the Japan Foundation Toronto, CAJLE has been offering workshops and seminars titled “Continuing Learning Japanese” in Toronto since 2009.

CAJLE has replaced the Atlantic and Ontario Chapters to create the “CAJLE Regional Workshop/Meeting Support Fund”. This is to allow broad-ranged activities that will cover all of Canada and not be limited to specific regions. This fund was created to assist in the regional growth of the Japanese language community through its members. It will enable members to plan and create their own instructor training, as well as instructor networks to better suit regional needs. Nearby CAJLE directors will serve liaisons and consultants.