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締め切り: 20179月4(月) 


  • 口頭発表、ポスター発表ともProceedingsに掲載いたします。Proceedingsは大会終了後CAJLEウェブサイト上で公開いたします。


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  • 提出方法
    期日までに発表企画(宛にWord fileとPDF fileの両方をメールで送って下さい 。件名は「CAJLE2017 Proceedings」として下さい。
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  • 本proceedingsへの寄稿をもって、以下の全ての点に同意いただいたものとみなします。
    • 著作権は筆者に帰属し、著作者はCAJLEに対し、本報告集における著作物の利用を許諾する。
    • 捏造や剽窃、二重投稿などの問題の発生に対しては、CAJLEは一切の責任を負いません。また、著作者以外の著作物(画像や動画、図表や学習者の作品など)を使用・転載される場合は、原稿提出日までに、著作者もしくは著作権保有者の許諾を得ておくようお願いします。上記の点に関して、著作者の責任において、送付前に十分に原稿を確認するようお願いします。



Guidelines for CAJLE Conference Proceedings

Deadline: Monday, September 4th, 2017

1. Contributors

  • Presenters at the CAJLE conference, both oral and poster, will be eligible for inclusion in the proceedings, published on the CAJLE website (here) after the conference.

2. Writing Guidelines

  • Format
    In principal, please use our template and submit your manuscript. The template in English is here. Please do NOT make any changes in the page size, margins, font size, line spacing and so forth.
  • Length
    The length of the paper is 4-10 pages, including charts/tables, appendices, and references.
  • Use of language
    Your paper should be written in the same language as the one used in your presentation.
  • References
    Place full reference information at the end of the article ONLY for those articles referenced in the text. Refer to references in the text by last name(s) of author(s) followed by year of publication.
    Examples: Yamada (2012) found…, or It was found… (Yamada, 2012).

3. Submission and Publication

  • Submission method
    Please send your manuscript both in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) and in PDF via e-mail attachment to Presentation-Planning ( with the subject as “CAJLE2017 Proceedings.”.
  • File Titles
    The file title should be “CAJLE2017Proceedings_SurnameGivenname”.
  • Publication date
    The proceedings will be published on our website in late September 2017.

4. Notes

  • By submitting your manuscript, it is considered that you have consented to all the points below.
    • Copyright to each article belongs to its author(s), and the copyright holder(s) give their consent for CAJLE to publish their works on its website.
    • The copyright holders are fully responsible in the event that their contribution contains problems such as fabrication of data, plagiarism, and duplicate publication, and CAJLE does not bear any responsibility whatsoever. If you are using or reproducing third party-owned works including, but not limited to, images, videos, graphics, and students’ work, you must obtain consent from the copyright holders by the submission of your manuscript. As this is your responsibility as a contributor, please make sure to double check your manuscript thoroughly regarding the points mentioned above before submission.

Please feel free to contact at Presentation-Planning (, if you have any questions.


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