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  • 特に問いませんが、カナダ国内で日本語教育に関わる方を優先いたします。
  • 会員、非会員どちらでもご応募いただけます。


  • 教室または家庭で学習者の動機付けを高めたり、言語学習、習得を支えたりするための実践や工夫


  • 個人・グループ、どちらの応募も歓迎します。
  • 発表はトピック等により構成したラウンドテーブルの形式で行います。各自20〜30分ずつお話しいただいた後で質疑応答、意見交換を行います。詳細に関しては、話題提供者とご相談しながら進めますが、話し合いや質疑応答など「共有」を重視した時間設定をします。
  • Zoomでのミーティングを予定しています。
  • 共有会後にも発表資料や報告を広く共有する予定です。


  • 日本語、英語、もしくはフランス語


  • 特にありません。


  • 簡単にで結構ですので、こんなことを共有したい!という内容をcajle.event@gmail.comまでお知らせください。
  • 締切:2020年6月30日(火)





Call for Presenters

Would you like to have a chance to share your educational practices and ideas to make your classes fun, motivate learners, and think about a wide range of learner’s purpose of learning?

This summer, CAJLE will provide an opportunity to gather and share online! This gathering is for those who are involved in Japanese language education, such as Japanese language educators, parents of learners, school organizers, and others. The primary purpose is to build and expand a network among us in Canada beyond the differences of location, time, institution, and age group of learners we teach. We hope to provide opportunities to discuss broad topics on Japanese language education, from practice utilized in the classroom to issues related to learning Japanese as a heritage language at home.  It is our goal to make Japanese language education more active and lively in Canada by this gather-and-share event.

We invite presenters who would like to share their practices and experiences from every part of Canada.

Requirements for presenters:

  • Anyone is encouraged to present, but those who are engaged in Japanese language education in Canada are given priority.
  • Both members and non-members of CAJLE are welcome. 


  • Practices and ideas that help motivate learners and support language teaching and learning in the classroom and at home.

Presentation Format:

  • Presentation by both individuals and groups are welcome.
  • The presentation will be done in a roundtable format. Each roundtable discussion will be organized by topic. Each individual or group will be given 20-30 minutes to present, followed by discussion, exchange of ideas, and feedback. Details of the organization of the roundtable presentations will be discussed with presenters so that we can have enough time “sharing” with both presenters and participants.
  • We will use Zoom for this gathering.


  • Japanese, English, or French

Participation fee

  • No fee to present or participate in this gathering.


In this online gathering, we are planning to have an after-gathering get-together so that both presenters and participants can chat freely. We would like to extend this invitation to people in every part of Canada and beyond. We would appreciate it if you would forward this invitation to any Japanese language educators, parents, and school organizers you may know.



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