Regional Contests

For dates and locations of each of the regional Japanese speech contests, please see below. If you are interested in learning more about the regional speech contests, or participating in a contest in your area, please use the provided contact information, or speak to your university’s Japanese instructors!





  • とき:2022年3月4日(金)
  • 会場:The University of Winnipeg (Online-streaming)
  • Contact: Jeffrey Newmark (
  • Website: N/A



  • とき:2022年3月5日(土)
  • 会場:Online
  • Contact: The Organizing Committee for the Japanese Language Speech Contest in Ottawa (
  • Website: N/A


  • とき:2022年3月12日(土)
  • 会場:McGill University
  • Contact: 在モントリオール日本国総領事館(広報文化)(
  • Website: N/A


  • とき:2022年3月12日(土)(天候により3月13日(日))
  • 会場:Saint Mary’s University (状況によりオンラインに変更)
  • Contact: Alexandre Avdulov (
  • Website: N/A

British Columbia Japanese Speech Contest

Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest

Manitoba Japanese Speech Contest

  • Date: March 4 (Fri), 2022
  • Venue: The University of Winnipeg (Online-streaming)
  • Contact:Jeffrey Newmark (
  • Website: N/A

Ontario Japanese Speech Contest

Ottawa District Japanese Language Speech Contest

  • Date: March 5 (Sat), 2022
  • Venue: Online
  • The Organizing Committee for the Japanese Language Speech Contest in Ottawa (
  • Website: N/A

Japanese Speech Contest of Quebec

  • Date:March 12 (Sat), 2022
  • Venue: McGill University
  • Contact: Consulate General of Japan in Montreal (
  • Website: N/A

Atlantic Canada Japanese Language Speech Contest

  • Date:March 12 (Sat), 2022 (March 13 (Sun) in case of storm)
  • Venue: Saint Mary’s University (May shift to Online depending on current conditions)
  • Contact: Alexandre Avdulov (
  • Website: N/A

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