Journal CAJLE

Journal CAJLE

Journal CAJLE was first published in 1997 and the peer-reviewed journal is now published online annually in summer, as a multidisciplinary forum for communicating new information, recent research results, and practical experiences reports, concerning Japanese language education, immersion programs, and bilingual education, Japanese linguistics (including second language acquisition), and Japanese literature and culture.

Eligibility: The author must be a member of CAJLE at the time of submission (for coauthored submissions, at least one author must be a member). (For membership information, please see Membership is not required for submissions solicited by the journal committee.

To participants of CAJLE annual conferences: 

  • In addition to general submissions, selected presentations of CAJLE annual conferences (typically held in August) will be invited shortly after the conference for submission to the journal. These submissions will undergo a separate review process according to the journal standards.
  • Please note that Journal CAJLE is different from the Conference Proceedings. Conference participants are eligible to submit papers to Journal CAJLE based on their proceedings (as well as new papers), provided that they are substantially expanded in content and length. For further information and instructions, please consult the Submission Guidelines.

Submissions for the journal are accepted at any time; however, manuscripts accepted by January 10 are considered for publication in the same year’s volume.

All manuscripts for consideration should not have been published before, nor may they be under review elsewhere. If the content has been presented previously, either in part or as a whole, include information about the venue, the date, and the title of the presentation.



Published Volumes


Sayaka Abe (Middlebury College), Chief Editor
Hisako Hayashi (Simon Fraser University)
Kumiko Inutsuka (York University)
Yuhko Kayama (University of Manitoba)
Mitsuaki Shimojo (University at Buffalo)
Asami Tsuda
Fumio Watanabe (Yamagata University)

Reading Committee

Yoshikazu Kawaguchi (Waseda University, Emeritus)
Seiichi Makino (Princeton University, Emeritus)
Hiroko Noro (University of Victoria)
Sato Shinji (Princepton University)
Matsuo Soga (University of British Columbia, Emeritus)

Past Reviewers

Print ISSN
: 1481-5168  Online ISSN: 1929-3135

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